Problem with the dance drum set

Hi everyone

I have created a setlist of my “preset beats”. I am encountering a problem whereby I play the song in my setlist that has the “dance” drum set pre-set, it automatically updates the next song in my setlist to the dance drum set too (despite the screen saying “vintage ludwig” or whatever. In order to stop this from happening I need to exit out of my preset folder and go into one of the default beats (blues 1 for instance).

Does anyone know what’s happening and how I can avoid it?


What Firmware are you running on man?
I had that same problem but they have fixed it in a firmware update

Hi Diego, thanks for your reply. I’m running version 1.85 5

Hi Nathan, please contact, they should be able to help you with a firmware update that would fix that problem.


Hi Persist, I hope you are well. Do you know of any list of the BBM and Firmware versions and their release dates? I think it would be useful. I can never remember which versions I am on and have duplicated downloads as a result.