Problems adding downloaded content to the Beatbuddy

I just purchased the Ballad Beats and Gig Beats. I want to get them to add to the existing beats that are on the SD card. I tried following the instructions but it either doesn’t work or it replaces everything on the SD. What am I doing wrong?


Difficult to tell are you following the instructions that came with the downloaded beats?
The download is a zip file and you need to extract the .pbf and then import it using the manager software, as long as you can audition them in that, then when you sync or export the project to the SD card it should be visible on the BB itself.

How do I speak with someone… I tried what is posted above with no luck… I want to simply put bought sounds from web on the BB.
They are on the BB manager, but will not export to BB… Please send phone number

Psalm40, Just wanted to say “Thank you”. Your suggestion and the links to the Youtube videos worked. I needed to download the content of the SD card as a Default Project the Manager Software. Once I did that I added the Ballad and Gig songs that I purchased. Thanks again!

Check out the link from Psalm40 “How to import new songs…” it explains it all there. You need to have all of the default content loaded as a project on the Beatbuddy Manager. You can then add your new content and then sync it to the SD card. It works.