Problems editing Beat files using Logic X.

I’ve been trying to edit existing midi beat files from the BB beat folder using Logic X. There’s also sorts of strangeness when copying them back into BB Manager songs: nothing for 16 bars then two bars of the beat, etc. I’ve been working through all the possible Logic problems as the files lay perfectly well in Logic when I copy them back to Logic from BB Manager.

Most likely something odd happens right when you export MIDI file from your Logic X.

Make sure the resulting MIDI file is okay - try playing it BEFORE importing it to the BBManager.
It is important to use another program to play MIDI files (not Logic X!) to audition the file.

Thanks Daefacator. As I said above, they play perfectly well in Logic when copied back from BB Manager.

So as I asked above, is this a problem others have had?

I edit midi in Logic X, so is there a problem with the way BB Manager sees a Logic midi file? (I’ve tried all the saving permutations, so tha seems unlikely.) Is this why you say to use another program than Logic X to audition the file?

Hi Hugo. I don’t know it this applys to your case but I have a similar problem when making midi’s in Reaper. After I save the files from reaper they will not open up properly in BBM (beatbuddy manager). I use a program Midi Editor to fix the midi. I simply open the file in Midi editor and save it to the same location and It works fine in BBM. I do not have to play the file in Midi editor just open and save. The only thing is if you open a midi not in 4/4 you will have to change the time signiture in Midi Editor or it will save to 4/4.

HI Guitar Stu - that’s really helpful. Thanks. I’ve just downloaded Reaper, so you’ve saved me going through the same hassle with that. GP5 won’t load BB midi files at all (could be because I haven’t registered it…).

Anyone got a suggestion for a Mac midi editor that will do the same function - whatever it is!

I wonder if anyone’s worked out why this particular voodoo ritual is necessary.

I never had any problems between reaper and BBM when I was using Win XP and BBM 1.32. When computer died and I upgraded to BBM 1.33 and Win 8.1 is when that problem started.

You just need to use File > Import > MIDI… for that. Also you can just drag a MIDI file into the GP5, and it will automatically do that for you. You will only need to check track assignments and actually import it.

Daefecator; this thread is abut problems editing Logic X midi files for use with BB.

I have now got my Logic-edited midi files to work within BB Manager.

In deference to your expertise and to avoid possible future problems with these files, why do we need to transfer them to BB Manager via another midi editor? Answering this question will help me - and probably others as Logic X is an industry-wide software with excellent midi editing.

@HugoMack You said you had difficulties with getting MIDI files correctly into the BBManager from Logic X. This can be problematic for me to test this for you, as I neither have a Mac available for me right now, nor I have bought Logic X software.

In order for me to make sure the MIDI file itself is correct, I’ve asked you to use any other MIDI player. I am not questioning the ability of Logic X to edit MIDI files at all! Just there may be some options that were not set properly, that could result in a bad MIDI file.

By the way, you can upload your MIDI file to any file storage on the internet and give me the link so I can verify it for you.
A short video showing the problem (with actually importing the file into BBManager) would be the most helpful.
I think we can have your issue sorted out. Thanks for your time helping us polish the BBManager! :slight_smile:

I’m still working on this. But I am now copying from Logic X into BB Manager. Seems OK. But I’ll only know when I import the song list into the pedal.