Project and premium content.

Hi folks not used manager for a while and need some help.
I want to have some SD cards with different projects (selected songs for different gigs) saved to them and maybe one or two kits. I have a card with project 1 on it which has all my content and kits on it, but I’m having problems with the Premium content stuff. I can import individual songs from elsewhere but the premium content stuff is only in Midi files or .pbf so i have to import the whole .pbf folder, isn’t the premium content in song format so i can import one song from say clapton and one Eagles?
Thanks Ronny.

Sorry… without having to export them as .sng them re-import

Export/Import is probably your easiest option. You do have another option for dealing with songs individually, but it’s actually a bit harder.

When you unzip the files into a folder, you will find a .pbf file, a proprietary BeatBuddy format, a .pdf file describing the contents of the package and how to install it, and separate folders for each of the songs in the package.

Each of the folders will contain the .mid files corresponding to all of the parts for the song like this:


You can easily create a new song in BB Manager, set the default BPM to the one that is indicated in the folder name, and then drag and drop the .mid files into the appropriate song parts.

Yeh thanks I’ve got all that but wouldn’t you think the .sngs would be part of the zip.
Anyway if you ever need this kind of thing I’ve sussed, a way, just open your main content project (Mine has everything on it ) create a folder within it, say, Saturday gig / drag songs into it as needed then export folder / create new project say Saturday gig project / then import Saturday gig folder, then sync to choose SD card. KABOOM.
Thanks Ronny