Proud mary


Does anyone have beats for proud Mary - Tina turner version and turn back time- Cher?

#2 contains a Guitar Pro tab with drums that can be easily extracted.


Not sure if this is the wrong place to ask, kinda new to participating in forums… how would I extract the Guitar Pro tab? I’ve read on here not to get the newer version of GP, but to get the GP 2.? version, would I need that? Also, I’ve looked and can’t seem to find where to buy the GP 2.? version online! Help! LOL… Many thanks…


Guitar Pro 5.2 is what you need. It is a powerful tab editor software.It natively opens all .GTP, .GP2, .GP3, .GP4 and .GP5 files.
It can also import and export MIDI files that you will use with your BeatBuddy via BBManager.


Ok, I still can’t find where to buy GP 5.2 Seems like they only have the newest ones available… Any info would be greatly appreciated.



Looks like this may really be the issue. The manufacturer’s (Arobas Music) website says nothing about Guitar Pro 5.2 (only crappy version 6 is offered). I am not sure I can advise you about what to do with this, I am sorry :frowning:

But I wouldn’t recommend Guitar Pro 6. Totally not worth the money. Pick whatever else that is suggested here on the forum for MIDI editing.