Purchase Drum Kit to Hear Bass?

Hi everyone, new guy here. When I download songs from User Generated forum and they add bass via a certain drum kit, does this mean that I would have to purchase that drum kit from Singular Sound before I can hear/use it? Or is that one kit available somewhere where I can download it? I’m attaching a picture of the song in question.

On a related note, I’m going to have to learn if it’s possible to modify the song. It appears they skip the original instrumental section and I need to put that back in.

Thanks for you help!

You can substitute the premium drum set and the kit with bass (derived from the premium kit) by using Phil_Flood’s sub standard pro kits —search the forum. Otherwise, and if you prefer, you can purchase the premium Standard Pro kit.

Once you learn how to transcribe songs (highly recommend using g a DAW) perhaps you can share your updated version of this song :notes:


Thanks! I think I know my way from here. Basically, find & download the substandard pro kit and use BBManager to save as a new drum set. Make sure to select this drum set on BB to hear through the pedal.

Also, as I understand it, I can take the song as it is now and drop it into a DAW, which will come up as a normal multitrack song, make my mods, and upload via BBManager. Sounds easy enough if all I have to do is copy & shoehorn in existing sections. But then, nothing is ever that easy for me… :woozy_face:

Again, thanks for your help.