Quantiloop and BeatBuddy. Best Buddies ?

David, thanks for the reply. Re the midi controller… I assume it’s not generic, that is, it’s pre-wired for B.B. control?


any midi pedal should work… it would be nice if there could be a long press/short press option, that reduces the number of buttons too.

We are designing it so it can be used out of the box with the BB but also can be used as a general midi controller.

The FCB1010 foot controller works great. I love it but it is something you would purchase with plans to controller other things. it is big and bit of an over kill if just only using it for controlling one thing.

So… here’s an idea … I always thought the software could be used totally on its own w/o the pedal … in fact, I have the complete Abbey Road album done, but I prefer running it on my laptop through my soundboard… I don’t think it would be too hard to make the software responsive to midi control… eliminating the pedal who want to go that route. It seems to me that you might actually be pretty close to the concept… and then… the app (if there will be an app) could be an add-on to the basic ‘package’ which could be sold with or withought the pedal.

Just to be clear, I really do like the pedal, but as time goes by, I find that it just sits there, controlled by the footswitch and now, Setlist Manager. For me, the pedal is ‘just’ a player. It’s the software that really shines.

I think having the option to be able to do both. Full app Operation (no Pedal(s)) or be able to connect a MIDI foot Controller if we feel like. That for me would be a dream come true. but more focus on the app could move in a future with so many Possibilities.

First off, I am really new here, so I hope I am not speaking out of turn.

I am a bassist that has come to jam with a bunch of guitarists that have played solo for probably their whole lives. Jam sessions are chaotic, going this song and then that song and then a song that no one but one of us has played before. We would probably make a good commercial for ADHD medicine. It is great fun, I enjoy it a lot, but I have my hands full trying to figure out what I am going to play much less get my beat buddy set.

So I guess I am proposing could be thought of as a beat buddy jamming assistant app.

For songs we have played before, I could save the drum set, the beats per minute and the beat under the name of the song. For instance, I play Gary Numan’s Cars at 129 BPM with Rock 8 and I don’t remember what drum set. So I would just select Cars, and all that would be set.

For songs we hadn’t played before, a database search for bpm and suggested beat would be cool. I know about the google doc, but this would be accessible within the app. Maybe the database could be expanded to include a lot more “close enough suggestions”, just to get some sort of beat going.

Also to streamline jamming the app would be a tappable/scrollable virtual control of the beat buddy where you could scroll through the folders and select a beat, dial up or down the bpm and switch the drum set.

The whole idea would be to decrease workload and increase response speed and make the beat buddy more like another member of the band.

In the mean time, I am hoping to learn better skills and tricks in using the beatbuddy better. An app like this, though, would shave the learning curve off for new users, make it more attractive.

Thanks for your time,


I keep hoping for some of the ideas from this older thread eventually bear fruit. I am happy with the BeatBuddy pedal but always wish I had a remote connection (e.g., iPad app) where I could just request a drum style and pattern and set the tempo. I like to practice/jam against the Beatbuddy rhythms, but do not like having to bend over to the floor to change a pattern. I still want the Beatbuddy pedal so I can foot-tap start, stop and such functions. I am still hoping somebody can produce something like this.

I don’t see why you could not do exactly what you want from OnSong.

I don’t presently have OnSong. What I envision is having on-screen (e.g., iPad) all the different drum style folders and within the folders the various patterns. You could collapse the folders or expand to see all. Then you could select a particular pattern and play it. Also a tempo adjustment is available. This selection would change the selected pattern on the BeatBuddy itself where you could then control start, stop, etc. So it would be simple to navigate through and select different pattern styles and play them very efficiently. If OnSong does support something this simple I would consider purchasing it. Thanks.

I found an available solution for my previous post in this thread. Did some forum searching and found an app created by fellow forum member FretNoMore. See the link:


Note that this app is designed for an iPad (maybe also iPhone but not sure on that). It was created using iPad app ‘Midi Designer’. So if interested, you will first need to purchase ‘Midi Designer’, and if you wish to make your own edits you will also need to purchase an 'Extra Feature Pack’. Total cost will set you back around $30.00. Not bad if this functionality means much to you.

Just as a heads-up, it is designed to play your BeatBuddy drum patterns as provided by the factory install. If you add new drum patterns, it may alter the ordering. That’s where having the full app and extra’s comes in handy so you can edit the MIDI CC info being sent to the BeatBuddy. Otherwise it may not play the drum pattern you requested as displayed on the app screen. I just want to mention this should editing an app at this level concern you. But if you have not added any new patterns and have the latest firmware, it should work as is.

I have mine setup with QuantiLoop also running on the iPad and BeatBuddy interfaced via an iRig-Pro-Duo MIDI interface. After some tweaking that I required, it works great. I never liked having to bend over to the floor to change patterns. Now I can control and change from my desktop via the iPad. I am not actually performing songs, where OnSong seems to be the way to go. I just like to try different patterns and just do some jamming and scale exercises against the various beats and patterns.

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I just downloaded the QuantiLoop app on my iPhone (since my tablet is an Android). I have Googled trying to find a video on how to sync with my BB and what other cables, hardware, etc I’ll need to do so. Okay…I’m a BB chick who is technically challenged and I’m a “Show Me How To Do It” learner. Does anyone know if there are any videos showing this from am iPhone? Thanks.

Here is a video, but this is using 2 ipads, you will want the Quantiloop programed to control the Beatbuddy, to change patches. you will need a https://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/singular-sound-beatbuddy-midi-sync-cable?pdpSearchTerm=beatbuddy, and a Audio Midi interface, https://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/ik-multimedia-irig-pro-i-o

Thanks so much Larry. I just got my iPad2 (yes an old one but like new) yesterday and am anxious to try this. I also want to be able to sync my setlist (I currently use SetList Helper) so that I can sync the setlist to the Beat Buddy and one swipe have it all ready to go. I know I’ve seen some info on this somewhere on the forum so the search is on. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Make sure your Ipads are 64 bit, i dont believe the updates are include the 32 bits, anymore for the Quantiloop. There are some great features the developer has added that will be coming in the near future.