Quantize in BB Manager Midi-Editor totally screws up everything but drums in OPB's

Thanks, Persist! I’ll read through your tutorial.
(I wouldn’t mind the video files too, if you still have them. I’ll send you a DM.)

Also, please let me know if you see anything weird with the file I sent.

Thanks again for all your help!

Think just drum
But you can download drumkits, but you still better to stay with the original one to use with the BB manager, cause the other drumkits of hydrogen is not recognize on BB manager

I have solved most of what you are asking about.

Keyboard thingy… I made a cheat sheet I tape on the side of my screen.

Playback with wrong instruments…that would be a drumkit issue. The BBM doesn’t play the same instruments as the midi editor.

Lengthening songs and adding high hats to keep count during quiet parts…You can copy and paste and add the part of the song that would work for the outro guitar solo. It can be tricky to find it and merge but it gets easier with use. Same with high hat…copy and paste just the amount of measures needed for the high hat.

The long sustain… you will need to shorten the midi notes in the editor from the right so they at least don’t overlap. With some work, you can get a great sound. Also adjusting the velocity (graph below the grid) of the high hats, you can lower and raise the volume and add dynamics to all notes.


I’ve only just started converting our songs to OP. I use BB Manager to create my separate beats, fit them together in Reaper, export as a new midi file then import into the outro of a new song in BB Manager with a blank.mid file in the main part. I’ve added many different instruments to drum sets and experienced no issues other than there’s split second gaps between joined sections when played back on the PC, but fine on the BB.

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