Quantized loop AND unquantized freeform in the same session. Is it possible?

Hello, i’m new here and really considering buying the Aeros.
I’ve seached the forum but not sure the question have been addressed yet.

Let say i want record quantized beats on Track 1 + track 2.
Would it be possible to record unquantized freeform drifting loops on the following tracks ?


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Hello there no this is not technically possible but a work around may be to be in freeform mode with sync tracks off and have a track that you have all tracks “synchronized” by only overdubbing to it, then build your freeform ideas in other tracks

One note is that the longest track in the song part will always be the new start point when you restart the song from stopped

I’ve thought about that and yes it’s a honest work around actually. :slight_smile:

is it possible to change the ‘state’ of the song during a session (from quantized to freeform for example) or is it tied to the song forever ? (i know, it’s pratically the same question :smiley: )

thanks for the answer.

There is no current feature for this to work, no

But we are working on finishing up version 5.0.0 which has autoquantize, turning the first unquantized recording into the basis for the tempo and measures of the song part and making the song quantized

The beta is available now :slight_smile:

Not exactly what you asked about though related

Feel free to make a feature request in the appropriate Aeros forum category!

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Yes, will post feature requests as soon i have the looper in my hands :slight_smile:

sneak peek: Being able to fade out the canceled loop when you press undo (to avoid abrupt mute of it)