Question on Drumkits - sample velocities

If I delete the 127 velocity samples from a drum kit, will the MIDI note assigned in the drumbeat simply use the next available velocity or will it just not sound at all?

I want to go through and edit all my kits to remove all samples at 120-127. As there is no way to “batch” reduce velocities in the drumbeats within the BB Manager app, I feel this is the quickest way to sort it out.

You can delete the 120-127 samples, but you’ll need to set the end velocity of the next lower samples to 127. You need to have all velocities from 0 through 127 assigned. And, groups can’t overlap or have variant levels. Thus, if the next lower group has samples for velocities 105 through 119, for example, and there are 3 of these samples, you’ll need to change each one to 105 through 127.

ahhhh, okay cool. Thanks Phil. Soooo, not so easy peasy after all hahaha!

Just revisiting this - I have tried that as you suggested Phil, and afaics the range of velocities is covered, with no overlaps, but the manager keeps saying there is a fault with it??

I’d really like to try and use this method to sort drum beat velocities as using the MIDI editing way on some beats (that have many parts) would take forever as you can only do one at a time.

So any other strategies you can advise for getting this to work would be appreciated.