Question on Forum Functionality - Minor Annoyance

Don’t know if it’s my browser or something else, but when I go to back out of a thread to a previous page using the back arrow in Firefox, I have to click it twice for it to work. Of the many forums I’m on, this is the only one that functions in this manner. I’ve gotten used to clicking twice while I’m here, but just wondering if it works this way for everyone else?

This is not a forum functionality issue.

I just tested Firefox on my Mac and it does the same thing—this appears to be a documented Firefox issue in both Windows and Mac flavors:

If you use a trackpad instead of a mouse, you can swipe the pad to go back or forward a page.

It doesn’t display this issue in either Safari or Chrome.

Hmm… something seems to have changed. Rather than having to click the back arrow twice to back up out of a thread, it now only needs one click! :slight_smile: