Quick time signature recognition?

How do I find a 3/4 time signature song for any of the styles?

I do not think there is a way to change the time signature on the fly in a beat in any style. Is that what you meant ?

No I just want a quick way to find different key signatures in the folders like a list so that it would be quick and easy.

From the default content:
Blues genre has a few songs in 6/8 which are essentially in 3 as well.
Brushes 4 and brushes 5
Jazz 7
World: Waltz, Spanish Buleria, Buleria with brushes, Spanish 3/4- brushes

From the library:
Flamenco packages (for sale) feature mostly beats in 3, 6 and 12, but they are aimed at Pop music.

BB needs a Wasted Days & Nights 3/4 beat

We will be releasing many new 3/4 beats in our library very soon. :slight_smile:

Is 6/8 same as 3/4 ? Sorry I’m not in to the theory I just want to sing a straight waltz like “Boys from County Armagh”

In terms of fractions, yes, they are the same but in musical terms, they’re not quite the same. 3/4 means each bar has 3 notes of 1/4 each. 6/8 means each bar has 6 notes of 1/8 each. And yes, the difference is in the way you count it: In 3/4 you count 1,2,3 and in 6/8 you count up to 6 and the notes are shorter.

This being said, there are some forum users that have adapted to using the 6/8 songs.