R&B techno drums

I finally got my Beatbuddy and I have to say it sounds much better than I had expected. I love it.
One thing though. Maybe I’m just too old, but R&B comes up with the Dance drum set. So it sounds just like an extention of the Hip Hop folder. Is that the way it is supposed to be or is that a glitch in my pedal?

Yes, it seems that nowadays people expect kind of Hip Hop and Rap sounds, when they hear (or read) R&B. But I think that BB user are mostly guitar based, and (maybe Im wrong, but its my view) for main guitar players would expect some “Rythm and Blues”-stuff…
Anyway, it has been in my case, I also was wondering about:confused::frowning:
But maybe it`s just some kind of generations gap (and my 38 seems to be very old:D)

I’m 59 and I wish I was 38 :). I think I’m going to change the default drum set on those R&B grooves maybe some of them will work.
I need to go through all the content anyway and get rid of some things. Even though I was born in Germany…the Marching folder has got to go!!!