Randomising sections

I asked this in the context of autopilot, but thought I’d put it in here as a feature request (pasting verbatim)

What I want for my purposes (arrangements of traditional music) is to be able to have a random choice of (say)12 loops to play by turn. Say I am playing an mbira piece, what I would love is for one of the 16 traditional jingle shell or shakere loops to play randomly by turn. That way I get to play against something unexpected, and people who listen won’t always get the same order progressing through the loops. (Currently I have half a dozen songs with the loops in different order).


No automatic way to do this yet. What I do to kind of get this effect is load several full loops into the drum fill section of the BB editor, so whenever I press the fill button I get a different loop for however many bars and then it goes back to the main loop.


That’s a very elegant interim solution, thanks for sharing it.

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