Re-Arranging drumsets


Is there any way of re-arrangin the drumsets in a different order?

Now my drum sets are:

  1. Brushes
  2. Ethedral
  3. Jazz

I really want to put the Standard as number 1, Brushes as number 2… and so on…

I’ve tried reordering them as well and as soon as I had them in the order that I wanted, they changed position when I used or changed kits when creating new songs. I’ve thought about prefixing them with a 01, 02 and 03 in the kit name to see if they would stay put but haven’t gotten around to it.

Tambien ESTABA probando change Orden de los tambores conjuntos Pero No forma de heno, Lo Que ESTABA pensando es que se podria eliminar todos los drums y luego volver a cargarlas. En todo caso cuanto pruebe les estare informando.

The order which they are displayed in BBM appears to be alphabetical and has nothing to do with the order they show up on the actual BeatBuddy it seems.

After I loaded all the updated kits the BeatBuddy display order was all changed, and I realised that this order was being driven by the order in which the kits had been saved in BBM, the last modified at the top of the list. So if you go through them in the reverse order that you want them, open and save each one, that should sort things.

However, when I did this the sync would not work as BBM didn’t think the project had actually changed. Therefore I had to do a full Export instead.

One other thing I realised looking at this is that in the DRUMSETS folder there is a file config.csv
You can open this in Microsoft Excel or notepad or text editor of your choice, re-order the lines and put the correct numbering on the kits as they display on the BeatBuddy. This also worked for me, but again BBM doesn’t recognise this as a change to the project so will not sync. I do wonder if actually you could edit config.csv directly on the SD card to change the order, but I haven’t tried that.

Given this is a pretty simple ordering mechanism you would hope that an ordering option goes into BBM itself at some point.


Editing the .csv files is not recommended as the BeatBuddy maintains it’s own file structure and management. Mess with the config.csv files at your peril!

Agree and noted! Use the BBM method if you prefer some safety… It is still a beta version for Windows though and you should have the SD card backup or indeed a backup of your own working project first anyway

I would say if you go through the steps mentioned to reorder via BBM and you compare all files to what was there before, the only thing that has changed is that csv file, that’s the only reason I suggested it…don’t want to cause more problems than this might resolve of course :slight_smile: