Record Aux input?

I just read that the looper does not record the Aux input yet - is that fixed or is it still in the pipeline ??

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Really? I thought that was an option on the main settings that you could choose where your recording input was coming from (Main or Aux). Does the Aux record not work when you tell it to record from Aux?

Was just about to pull the trigger on the webpage but then I read the FAQ that stated that you can not record the Aux untill an update comes along… ?

Perhaps they have fixed it but not updated the FAQ ?

I need to be able to record both main and AUX input on the fly

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I just plugged my guitar into the Aux In port and was able to record a song just fine. You have to make sure in the main settings that you select the proper recording source(s) and output routing. Using 3.4.1 or whatever the latest FW version is.


Weird it says that it is not possibly in the FAQ? Can you set it up so you always can record right away with a stereo signal from both inputs on the fly and simultaniosly ? I plan to have a Hellix on main stereo in and a piano on stereo aux and moving between them on the fly, so it will not work if i have to select the source first or do change setting - both have to be “open” all the time, can you open both as default in the setup menu :slight_smile: :grin:

Hi there, what you are currently requesting is not possible, no.

The Aeros has two* main stereo Feeds: The Live output and the Loop playback.

The live output is the live signal that can be set to be coming from either the Main inputs and/or the Aux input.

The Loop Playback is the signal that is recorded to the Aeros and plays back. This functions in the same way as the Live Playback as far as routing goes.

Loop Playback can then be set to go to either the Main or Aux Output, or both.

Live playback can be set to go to either Main or Aux Output, both, or neither (to avoid phasing issues)

There have been requests on the forum to expand this capability, namely this one.

Feel free to expand on it there if it does not already cover what you want, or make a new request if it seems like a different issue.


*EDIT: An addendum here actually: Technically there are 3 main feeds because you could also send something into the Aeros Aux In and out the Aux out only while also having a stereo signal going into the live input and having a stereo signal recorded to the loop playback and the signal routed to only the aux out in this scenario would not affect the other two signals.

But, since there isn’t much use to this within the Aeros looping mechanism, it is better a sidenote.

I’m a little confused. You can record both the Aux input and the Main inputs at the same time, that’s what I do. The option in settings allow them both to be “open” all the time (if I interpret “open” as being “ready to perform or record from both inputs all the time”).

What you cannot do is change the settings you’ve chosen in real-time. You can’t choose to record both and then just choose to record one. You’ll be capturing whatever is on both inputs whenever you start to record if that’s the way you’ve configured it. You also cannot split the recording of each input onto separate tracks if you are playing something on them simultaneously, you only ever record onto one track at a time and its the sum of whatever is present on both inputs (if that’s how you set it up).

You can monitor your live signal from one, both or none of the inputs through the Main output, or you can only have Aeros send out whatever has been recorded. For instance, I record on both the Aux and Main inputs simultaneously, but I only echo the Main input through the Main output in real-time because the signal I have going into the Aux input I already monitor through other means, so I just want to hear the recordings that are made from the Aux input.

To put simply, you basically have a configurable routing matrix between all of the inputs, the recording “heads” and all of the outputs. You can make those choices in the settings. You can also choose how playback will be monitored and it can be a different than how your inputs are monitored. You just have to learn the options, the UI doesn’t represent it as a signal diagram.

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Obviously what you and Brennan are talking about is different than what I did (just record to a track using the Aux In and Main In and play back using Main Out), so I’ll stay out of it going forward so as not to confuse the issue. :grin:

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I have expanded on my earlier response to be more clear, we’re all saying the same thing here.

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I wasn’t confused by your response. I was confused at how complicated the responses were getting based on the simplicity of the question. :slightly_smiling_face: The answer is Yes, you can record either or both the Aux input and the Main input. The OP was just hung up on what the FAQ says because he doesn’t own the product yet to test with himself.


Thanks a lot :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::pray: