Recording using Beat Buddy

As most are aware I am new on here and have only had my BB a couple of weeks!!
I have been on here and downloaded lots of content that “You” the forum heart and soul have spent endless hours creating and uploading for which I am grateful.
It has enabled me to change my acoustic duo to a trio and sound a bit like a band!!
I am sharing a recording that we did the other night during practice to give you folks an idea of how the pedal and backing with bass can help basic set ups like myself sound almost good!! :slight_smile:
This was recorded on a iphone and tweaked a bit in audacity.
Instruments used are a Colombus LP copy with bare knuckle pick ups. Amp is a fender super champ xd on fender twin setting with srring reverb out of a 12" cab loaded with a scorpion speaker.
Vocals through sm58 mics.
Pa is a peavey and speakers are HH 15" from the 70’S.
Vocal effects are a small amount of reverb from a peavey dual deltafex.
This is almost our live set up so would be our pub sound.
Thanks again and keep up the great work!!