Reinstalling (not updating) beat buddy firmware


Pressing the tempo button on my beat buddy now does nothing, hence cannot set default tempo or access options menu. I suspect this is a hardware fault (though only had it about a month) but could it just be a firmware problem.

I understand that to update BB firmware you put the new firmware files in the root of the sd card, then put card in bb then turn it on

But what if you just want to reinstall current firmware. How will it know to trigger the update if you’re just replacing the same files (i.e 2.04 with 2.04)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Use compressed air to clean in and around the tempo knob and shaft. I would not open the pedal as it might violate the warranty but you could use compressed air to gently clean the inside of the pedal too.

If the firmware files on your pedal became corrupt, reinstalling the same firmware version should solve the problem.

If you have another SD card, try installing the firmware on the new card and testing the pedal functions and tempo button. If it works, export the project using the BBM to the SD card.

If you don’t have another card, delete the contents of the SD card—do not format the card. Install the firmware to the card and test it in the pedal. If it works, do the BBM Export project routine.

If none of these steps worked, contact Support