Reloaded SD Card...pedal doesn't turn on/off???

:eek: How do I get pedal to work again after reloading SD Card from Back-up zip file?

take SD card out of pedal
turn on pedal (it should turn on) and say NO SD CARD (woking)
if it dont, pedal issues----

if you have everything ok on the sd card all songs, beats, etc
power off pedal, insert sd card, power on pedal
there should be instructions where you download the sd backup from

there is a LOCK on the side of the sd card
set to UNLOCK
it can easily slip and get locked

format the sd card
find sd card in C: drive
right click-----FORMAT
quick erase

copy over the sd backup files again
insert in pedal


That got it. Thanks!

Need a few more details to help you. What exactly have you done?

  • did you delete all the content on your SD card? No need to reformat your SD card but if you have, please let us know.
  • what symptoms is the card displaying when you put it in the pedal?
  • can you provide a screen shot of your SD card’s contents? For example the contents should look similar to the attached screen shot of my SD card’s contents.