Reloading purchased library's,

Loaded BB with the latest firmware and did a backup first, some of my purchases from SSound library didn’t load or more that likely I did something wrong when reloading backups, some items I purchased were missing. I can’t seem to find them on my account to try and get them back into my BB.

Check your BeatBuddy Manager (BBM). If the content is in the BBM, you can sync or export from the BBM to your pedal.

The same way I’d load user generated content? Duh!! I should of figured that out. Cool thanks, I stepped away from BB waiting for the Aeros to evolve for a couple years before I bought it, I’m a bit behind on the BB updates and default V.2 kits & updated presets don’t think I loaded them. Would it of loaded newer content w/latest firmware? Getting back up to speed here, Thanks!

Updating the firmware should not mess with the contents of your SD card.

Ok got it sorted out, thanks

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