Remote Beat Indicator

I recall a few months ago that there was a mention of a remote beat indicator; something for the eye line. Are there any more thoughts or developments on this as I thought it was a great idea. Steve.

I think that it would be fairly simple to use something like an Arduino Uno to take the midi clock signal from the BB midi out and convert it into a flashing led for example.

Thats an interesting idea. Making a simple LED display to indicate a 4 bar measure

The max tempo from the BB is 300 bpm so a that rate a single led would have to flash for less than 1/5 second. I’m not sure that would be long enough to see it flashing. I think I have an old project lying around I can use to test it, I’ll let you know.

OK, here you go. This works. It starts flashing the LED when it receives the midi start command in time to the midi clock (once per quarter note or 24 midi clock signals) . That way the flashing led is aligned to the start of the first bar. It stops flashing the led when it gets a midi stop message.

The circuit diagram and code are attached. Use something like notepad++ to view the source code. IE, something that understands unix line ends, not windows notepad which does not!

O great, thank you very much
this is greatly appreciated.
I’ll see what I can come up with

Thanks Guys but I’m an end user… You market it and Ill buy one… You’ve impressed me though.