Repetitive scratching sound interrupts beat

Hello all,

I believe I saw a thread about this somewhere (possibly different issue), but now can’t find it. Has anybody experienced a loud scratchy type sound interrupt play over their drum beat, only on specific songs?

The sound reminds me of quickly sliding two sand blocks together, but in a very rapid/locked in cadence. 4 times, in 16th notes (roughly) in relation to the beat that is playing. If you let the beat play, the scratching sound rolls in once per measure, it seems. Very consistent, continuously repeats at the same time in the phrase…

A few interesting points. First, this is not specific to the output source I use. It happens consistently on the same 4 songs, none of the others, is heard through the headphones output, to my PA, AMP, and multiple external speakers. I have tried multiple cords and purchased a new cord going between the BB and my PA, even though there is no indication this is a connectivity/intermittent issue. Also interesting is that the very same song in the project, when played on my Mac, has no issues. It is only when playing one of these 4 songs ON the beatbuddy does the issue occur.

I did notice the firmware on my device was 3.x so I upgraded to the latest non-beta version, even though it was listed as having a bug, but this did not change anything.

I was thinking about removing all data from the SD card, then copy the entire project back from the computer, but thought I’d post it out to the group first and see if there are better options / if anybody has encountered this before.


Are you using the drum set the song calls for?

Please upload one of the four affected songs so we can check it out.

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