Replacing BeatBuddy main pedal with an extra footswitch in order to avoid excessive crouching

I currently put the BeatBuddy on the floor and control it with my foot, as intended (I also have the footswitch).
The problem is that every time I wish to use a different beat, I have to crouch down and use the knobs. It would’ve been great if I could put the BeatBuddy next to me on a chair or on some kind of a stand, and control it with an extra footswitch, ideally a single 3-button footswitch (like the Digitech FS3X), so I can have all the functionality (main pedal + accent + break) in a single pedal.
Is that a possibility?


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The external footswitch jack is set up to only provide 2 functions. You can use a 3 button switch, but only 2 switches will work. The Midi Maestro pedal in BB mode provides excellent general control of the BB. Some folks put the BB up on a stand and use a long TRS cable to connect the footswitch. I imagine with a Maestro and the footswitch, you could have full control and have the BB on a stand.

I use OnSong to switch my songs, but I have my songs set up and pre-planned, so that selecting a song on OnSong gets the song up, at the correct tempo and with the correct kit. Unfortunately, there is no real way to do what you want with just a 3 button switch.

I went to Lowes, got a cheap piece of stud “straping” medal. Put some velcro on it, and affixed it to an old camera tripod. Its about chest level when setting. ---- the two button cord minimizes the distance, but its better than bending over.

Me as well. I bolted a piece of plywood to the top of a thrift store bought (cheap) tripod and set the BeatBuddy and a TC Helicon Voice Live Play on it at waist level. Two button switch for the BB and a three button for the TCH VLP. It’s nice being able to tilt it.