Request: BB «Live Drum Mode»


Wouldn’t it be possible to have some sort of “live drumming mode” in Beatbuddy? We have the sets/samples there and we have midi in/out. With a midi controller hooked up and such mode enabled, we could drum live! For example, the Arturia KeyStep 37 or Beatstep have built in polyphonic sequencers that would work well. Also, Launchpad Pro X or similar devices.

Combined with Aeros, it would even be possible to record and loop complete drum track without touching a computer!

What do you think?

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As long as the receive notes option is active in the BB midi settings, it is in “live drum” mode. Try it out.


I have sequenced the Beatbuddy with both the Beatstep Pro and the Akai MPC One. Totally doable now. You can see me do it in this video when the drums come in:


Thank you, @Phil_Flood and @JaredSmythe! Tested it today and it works great!

And I should really read the manual over before bothering the forum – it is right in there. :woozy_face: