Request for the possiblity to send CC messages from GuitarWing via BeatBuddy to the Infinity Looper

Hi BeatBuddy Wizards

I am using the Livid GuitarWing as a wireless controller (and drumpad) for BeatBuddy via a Kenton midi host.
A Pigtronix Infinity Looper is used as a midi slave controlled by BeatBuddy.
This works very well.
I want to send cc messages from the GuitarWing via BeatBuddy to the Infinity Looper.

Atm. this is only possible when BB is set to output midi through - however it will no longer act as a midi master if you switch mode from “beatbuddy midi” to midi through.

My feature request is a firmware upgrade which adds a third midi mode: a “beatbuddy midi + cc-messages passthrough” mode

Cheers Måns Mårtensson

ATM only possible with a Midi Merger…:frowning: AFAIK its a feature that the BB team is working on ??? (am I right???)

Hi Dennis
Thank you for answering my question :slight_smile: (as you have done a couple of times before…)
I wonder - are the Beatbuddy developers answering questions on this forum - or is just used by end users?

I guess I could setup an iConnectMidi4+ module to merge midi messages and midi notes from the GuitarWing controller and the BeatBuddy drummachine and send them to the Infinity looper from the iConnectMidi4+ module.
On the other hand I’m still waiting for the GuitarWing developers to come up with an upgrade of the GuitarWing firmware so it will become possible to send midi start and stop commands.
The GuitarWing, however still wouldn’t be able to output midi clock signals (position, tempo and/or time signatures?) and there wouldn’t be any realtime syncronization happening between BeatBuddy and Infinity…

Conclusion: It would be nice and very useful if BeatBuddy would allow cc messages to pass trough together with it’s midi output…

Cheers Måns Mårtensson

Report: I have now tried using an iConnectMidi4+ working as a midi merger where I put the midi cable from the BeatBuddy into the first midi port, the GuitarWing via the Kenton midi usb host’s midi cable into the 2’nd midi in port and lastly I used midi out port 3 and put the cable into midi in of the Infinity Looper. I could have put the GuitarWing usb midi reciever directly into the usb port in the back of the iCM4+. I didn’t because the Kenton midi host is mounted under my pedal board and I didn’t want to mess my rig up too much…

It worked very well and and no configuration of the iCM4+ was needed - I did try to connect an Arturia Beatstep sequencer as well. It worked fine, with the BeatBuddy pedal, however it somehow messed up the midi clock signals sent to the Infinity looper and as a result it was playing recorded loops at another bitrate (slower/deeper)…

I also tested a connection of a rc-300 looper (Boss) and it did control BeatBuddy very well it also, however, messed up the playing bitrate of the Infinity Looper…
I guess I would have to configure iCM4+ and set the rc-300 to be the midi clock master - and filter out midi clock signals from BeatBuddy. Same thing might apply to a setup with Arturia Beatstep…

Cheers Måns Mårtensson

I found out I just needed to click the “ext. sync” button on the Arturia Beatstep sequencer and as a result it now follows BeatBuddy’s midi clock and no longer interferes with the midi tempo on the Infinity looper.

I also connected a Roland SP404SX sampler to the iCM4+ and routed the aux out (mono mix) from the Infinity through the mic input on the sampler which allows for great realtime effects.
Beatbuddy now starts to record or plays a track on the Infinity looper, the Arturia Beatstep which shows what notes BeatBuddy plays, is able to sequence drumbeats and/or play them with touch sensitive pads- and the Roland sampler is played on by both BeatBuddy and Arturia Beatstep.
The SP404SX plays patterns synced to the midi clock sent from Beatbuddy and plays individual samples activated by the Arturia Beatstep sequencer - at the same time it functions as a great effects module for the recorded loops on the Infinity looper…

I guess I should dream up some music and make a video to show - or maybe I’ll just wait until I managed to make the rc-300 (and a GR-55 guitar synth) a usable part of the setup (rc-300 has to be the midi master and the GR-55 needs to have it’s tempo set for effects and sequences…) - and I will need to make a midi connection to Studio One (on a mac via usb on the iCM4+) with a Zoom R16 which works as a control surface and a 8 channel soundcard.
I will need all 8 audio inputs and even more if I do manage to get the the last two modules into the rig… - That’s for live recordings!

Cheers Måns Mårtensson