Resources allows upload of zipped files

This means users can now upload a single file containing both an .sng (BB song) and a .pdf (cheat sheet)

  • If you use zipped files, please make sure you name the file with the song title (don’t just upload “”) e.g., “Satisfaction and cheat sheet”
  • If you download a zipped file, make sure you have an application or utility on your computer to expand the file
  • it’s always helpful to identify in the title of the thread whether or not the song you’ve uploaded is a one-press and includes bass

Of course users can continue to upload the URL address for the .pdf

HI - I’m new to BeatBuddy and trying to figure out how to download a .sng file on my MAC Book. It won’t open. Is there any particular software I should download to open .sng files on a MAC Book? Thanks

Welcome, Steve. Sounds like you’re trying to open an .sng file using the Finder which is a no-no. The BeatBuddy Manager software is required to manage the content for your pedal.

  • Suggest you start by browsing through the user guide;
  • Download and install the BeatBuddy Manager.

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