Revised Song Multi Folder Save


Request that when you save a change to a song, that song is changed in all folders where there may be a another copy of the song.

Often the same song will reside in several folders. Currently if you have an All My Songs folder and a Set 1 folder and a Set 2 and a Set 3 folder that have Song1.SNG in them and you revise Song1.SNG, the BB MGR will only save the revision to the current folder where you are making the revision. With this example you’d have to find, edit and save the change 4 times to get Song1.SNG revised.

You’d also have to be careful to remember or search for all the folders where Song1.SNG is located to avoid having some revised and some not revised.

This situation will come up each time you create a new Beat and realize it will better fit some of your old songs. Or you find the Beat you previously chose doesn’t work well.


Re: Song Change Multi Folder Save

What you are requesting is essentially a support for symbolic links to songs.

I can see how this could be useful, and this will definitely be looked into on next major revision of the software.


Re: Song Change Multi Folder Save

OnSong includes a similar feature. Nice call.