Ridiculous forum search capabilities

One of the most frustrating things here is the truly idiotically limited search capabilities on this forum. I’m not pulling punches because I’m frustrated and P.O.'d at this point.

Pray tell me, just how might one be able to search for “With or Without You” by U2?

It’s the best illustration of a problem that I’ve been running into time and time again, as I try to set up my wife’s BeatBuddy. EVERY SINGLE WORD OF THE TITLE AND THE ARTIST IS EITHER TOO SHORT OR TOO COMMON!!!

If you defaulted the searches to implicit ANDs, rather than implicit ORs that would also help immensely, and make the issue of “common” words a non-issue.

Frankly, the issue of common and short words really went away circa 2005 or so, when storage got really cheap, and processors got really fast.

Please fix this.

I think this is more a function of the limitations of the Xenforo forum software. I agree that it’s frustrating and that there ought to be something better out there. I see the same thing on other forums e.g., TGP.

It’s also frustrating for those users that try to do the right thing and check if a song has already been posted before. I’ve tee’d up several U2 songs to transcribe and it’s not easy to tell if a song has already been posted by another user.

Here’s a tip that might help you. Add a quote to the end of your search string and it seems to work and in this case, it turns out that With or Without You has not been posted to the forum. Use the screen shot as an example.

I intend to post several U2 songs here soon and that will most likely be one of them.


Persist. You ROCK. Cant wait for the U2 song files as well as they are one of my ALL TIME fave bands. Seen them many times Live and they just cant be beat. One of the best live bands EVER. Pink Floyd was another. Sadly they are now retired.

Patience is a virtue :slight_smile:

Persist - thanks! What an odd search syntax.

Edited to add: Just tried it, and it does NOT find occurrences of the song title that are in the forums.

Actually, someone did post that song, but it can’t be retrieved: http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com//index.php?threads/with-or-without-you-u2-1press-w-bass.5866/

Do you have any insight into the missing files, as referenced in my other post from a moment ago? http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?posts/38692/

My hope would be that the Xenforo search might be configurable. Most are, to some extent.