Rock and Brushes default drum kit don't open in BBM

When try to open/ import one those two it says “Unable to parse file”. Others open.
What to do? Could those be download from somewhere

What version of the Beatbuddy Manager are you using?

I believe this is the latest

A newer version is available:

A Mac version is also available.

Please bare in mind this is still in Beta and has not been officially released. The versions are not backwards compatible with drumkits and songs created with another version of the Beatbuddy manager I hope they will find a way of fixing this.
@JoeGuitar is this a backup or have you accidentally deleted the original kits? You may need to download the SD card backup and reimport the drum kit from there or import project from pedal.

I tried new one (I’m on pc) but the problem is still there, can’t open these two drum kit.
BBM still plays the sounds from i.e Bushes kit but you cant see or edit the instruments. I started using “Brushes with Bass” even though I don’t use bass part.

I think that two kits were wrongly copied/download from sd card at the moment I imported project first time from pedal (probably due to their big size).
Is there the pedal default content to download? Can anybody dump their default *.DRM files to BB download area?

many thx

Probably I have to do full cycle to repair. Afraid to lose my project that I advanced nicely…