RPM mode

When I play songs with my Aeros, I ‘m on quantized 6x6 mode, with sync start & length and EOL muting. I never use overdubs for playing songs; I just use them for trainings purpose.
I could consider using overdubs, if it would be possible to trigger overdub, undo and redo in EOL.
So with this 6x6 mode (Great stuff!), i have enough independent tracks to play with, but I would like a RPM mode (Record/Pay/Mute), ‘cause I don’t need to overdub and don’t want to double tap… for me it is not justified to privilege overdub in this 6 parallele tracks mode.

So what I would appreciate in a next update :

Track Button Action

● Record (if track or song part is blank)
● Playback recording
● Mute
● Playback

● Overdub (happens immediately, End of Measure or End of Loop.)
○ Single tap to Playback

No more :sweat_smile:

Hey there we had this request before, but I don’t think it’s been made official so I’m going to leave this link here because I think this conversations related. I’m going to put this tag this as med-long-term because we are planning on doing this.

Thank you for your feedback!

I hadn’t noticed this topic you’re talking about.
And I just saw in your post that you’re already talking about RPM mode! I’m glad to know that it’s planned for one day! :+1:

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