save pedal settings

How do you save the pedal settings, so the BB remembers them when powered off? Mine won’t remember the settings I change when powered off

If you have not done so yet, please update to the latest f/w version.

Also - if you are like me, this kept happening and I got frustrated and I kept dragging the PARAMS folder (that contained my correct settings) over by hand to the SD card which I found out later was why the sync was not saving my settings. I corrected this by biting the bullet and inserting the card with the incorrect settings into the BB pedal and manually resetting the pedal settings while the card was in. Then I went back and resynced the SD card with the manager and that fixed this issue.

thanks.for the advice… everytime I resync the SD card with BBManager in the computer it reverts back to standard parameters for the pedal functionality. Can I fix this so resyncing doesn’t wipe out my pedal settings?