Screen failure

Any hope to degauss a screen that looks like this?

Or am i looking for a replacement?

Bummer. Looks like it’s broken.

Search this forum and you will find a thread on another person’s similar issue.

AFAIK, this is not something SS support covers (it’s likely an accident), SS didn’t have way to repair it for a fee (these are assembled abroad and likely no screens, other components, tools, and skills are in the US), and the replacement screens were not available (in small quantities).

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I did not use the Aeros for three months (holiday and busy on my work). When I start reusing it and (nothing was felt on it) after I keep it on a save place a saw this. Reply from the reseller was : “Cracked screens are not covered under the default warranty”. Where can I find this statement? Nothing happened with this device and stil this occurs. A real disappointment.