SD Card 2

Can I used same SD card from Mac to PC?

Yes, you can but with some limitations. As long as you recognize this, there should be no reason you can’t share project data between a Mac and a PC, Mac to Mac or PC to PC.

There’s probably an easier way to explain this . . . so I hope this makes sense:

  • If you synchronize your project from the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) using your Mac,
  • to your SD card, the BBM on the PC, the PC may not recognize the card as synchronizable;
  • If this happens and let’s say you want the project from the Mac—that’s just been synched to the SD card to— also be available on the PC (assuming that the BBM’s Synchronize Project to SD card is grayed out)
    • you can use the BBM on the PC to open the project from the SD card, give it a new name, make song or folder changes and then export and synchronize to your card;
    • When you bring your SD card back to the Mac, the same process would apply. Just make sure that you’re using the computer SD slot reader to preclude the potential loss or corruption of data that could happen when you’re connecting the pedal via USB to the computer.

There are probably simpler ways of synchronizing the data between two different computers so it would be interesting to hear how other users are achieving this.