SD card works fine in BB, but not on my computer

I have the Premium beats in my BB. I made a setlist and EXPORTED songs to my MACBOOK Pro, then IMPORTED them back to the BB as outlined in this website. Everything worked fine until I added a few more songs. Now the SD card doesn’t work my computer. However, it works fine in the BB, including the song I added for my setlist. Why is my SD card not working in my computer, but works in my BB? Any help you can offer would be appreciated. Thanks.

It could be one of a couple of different reasons. This is probably the most obvious one:

Your BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) should be mapped to open the BeatBuddy (BB) project located on your computer’s bbworkspace (BBW) folder.

You can use the BBM File - Open Project and navigate to your SD card and press Open. If you haven’t done so before, follow the prompts to save your SD card’s project to your BBW folder and give it a different name. Your BBW folder should be the default location where you edit your project and then export to your SD card.

It might be more practical to also install and use the BB Loader to synchronize your project to your card. It would be much quicker than using the BBM to export your project.

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Watch some videos on YouTube regarding SD card problems and you’ll figure it out.
I did.