SD Card

I was too quick taking a SD card out of slot, while my computer was still writing…
So I took a new SD-Card and copied my backup on it…
First I got an errror message “no card”… - until I found out, I had to restart the BB.
Also the repaired SD now shoes the same error - I also have to restart the BB.

Did I miss to copy a special file for the automated reading of the card after inserting it ??

Greetings from Germany and thanks in advance for any help

No worries, the content of your SD card is most likely corrupted.
You can download SD card backup from the downloads page.

You will need to extract the SD card backup archive, and just copy all its content to the SD card. Make sure DRUMSETS, EFFECTS, PARAMS and SONGS folders reside in the root (or top level) of the SD card, and not in any subfolder!