Seeming Contradictory statements in BB Manual re: Cue Fill Period

It is just me, or are these two statements contradicting one another?

Main Pedal > Cue Fill Period
This allows you to set the amount of the measure that has been
played before the fill is played in the next measure, rather than in
the current one. So if the setting is at 75%, and you tap the pedal
before 75% of the measure has been played, then the fill will start
immediately and end in the current measure. If you tap the pedal
after 75% of the measure has been played, it will wait until the
next measure to play the fill.

Added 0% and 100% in the cue fill period
At 0%, when the pedal is press the drumfill & transition always trigger immediately.
At 100% the player always wait until the next bar before launching the drumfill &
transition. Default is set to 0% so that fills and transitions are always triggered
immediately. To change, select:
Settings > Main Pedal > Cue Period

The first one says if you have the setting at 75%,and you press the pedal before the 75% mark of the measure has been reached, the fill starts immediately. The second one says if you have the setting at 0% and you press the pedal after the 0% mark has been reached, the fill starts immediately. So which is to be believed, and more importantly, can we get the manual revised to remove the contradiction.

Probably won’ get corrected/updated until the new version of the BBM arrives.

@BeatBuddy Support[/USER] or [USER=1474]@GoranGrooves please take a moment to answer Phil’s question. Thanks.

We need to update the manual, it’s the 100% that starts immediately, not the 0%. We are also planning to change it to a beat-based rather than percentage based system.

Thanks for that, 'cause I still had it backwards. The 0% works the way I intended (i.e., fill starts after the measure ends.) Much appreciated.

cant seem to find the links for those firmware updates