Select a specific song quickly on Beatbuddy

How do I select a specific song quickly on Beatbuddy? What solutions do you folks use? When I say “solution”, I mean the whole thing, something that directly connects to Beatbuddy and not an individual component.

Here is what I use:

Connection Setup
iPad (OnSong) <–> Yamaha MD-BT01 (via Bluetooth) <–> BB MIDI Breakout Adapter <–> BeatBuddy

OnSong app on Apple iPad

  • OnSong has the songs mapped to BeatBuddy songs using MIDI data
  • When I select a song in OnSong, BeatBuddy automatically loads the song
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Thank you fled! The Bluetooth connection is convenient, meaning that I can power the iPad from the AC mains at the same time.

That’s what I do too. Love it!

I use iPad (Onsong) --> iRig Midi 2 (lighting to midi) --> BB Midi cable/adapter --> BeatBuddy. When I change to a song on the iPad, it switches to the song on the BeatBuddy instantaneously.

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