Set Volume as a prameter in BB Manager

The ability to set the VOLUME in the same area we set TEMPO and DRUM SET.

Even better - The ability to pre-set the volume in BB manager for Verse, fills, endings.

Thanks for soliciting feedback!

Assuming TEMPO and DRUM SET knobs are both “digital” (in the sense they have no limits and can be twisted indefinitely in both directions) and VOLUME is “analog” one as it always is in sync with the real pedal volume (and has hard limits on both ends), it may be a bit harder to restore volume.
You may run into an undesirable volume level jump. Like if your pedal VOLUME knob is set on 95%, and you just loaded a song with saved 30% volume. Even lowering volume for just a little bit will jump to the real 95% and then starts lowering that value.
This wouldn’t be the issue if VOLUME was also a “digital” knob, but it was a hardware solution.