You should add some shakers and tambourine hits for acoustic trax

I found that eight year olds love attention, maracas, and tambourines. Small crowds at gigs do too! In a pinch, the real thing might work until the accent hits get populated with more sounds.

so u sayin u do a lot with eight year olds. Yuk! Wot a freak

Well, that escalated quickly :slight_smile:

I would love to have a kit totally dedicated to acoustic setups, maybe two. I’d like to have a cajon kit with shakers and tamberines. I’d like to have a djembe kit with some of the same stuff, and maybe even a conga/bongo kit with other sounds.

As things progress, I’d be happy to contribute to a kit. I have some nice sounding instruments which I could record.

Of course, nothing beats the live sound of a well shaken 8 year old. :slight_smile:

Cheers to that… more acoustic set ups. I can’t get my head around buying sound packs that don’t come accompanied with their stylistic rhythms.
Im a newbie, am i right that the BB library provides sounds (on purchase) but not the actual demo’d rhythms?
You have to then go and create the rhythm that emulates the sound?
any help to my limited pea brain capacity would be appreciated.

I updated the standard kit with shakers. You can get it here:

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