Simple Cajon Beats


Sorry not Flamenco, Tondero, Rumba, ect. just simple beats for acoustic guitar players wanting something light and simple.

Uses only MIDI 36, 37 and 38. Works well with the Ben Cajon drum set, and also the Brushes or Percussion drum sets.

The SNG file auditions all the MIDI files. There are 12 variations with the second twelve being the same except having double kick.

For the MIDI files download the TXT file, change .TXT to .RAR and extract the MIDI files.

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Pineears - this is stellar. Cajon 1 is just what I was looking for to cover some real simple country ‘2’ beats feel. Sped up enough in BPM it gives that 2-beat feel perfectly.

Thanks for sharing.


Right you are, 2 beat heaven.