Simple Kick Drum

I originally posted my question in the wrong place. My apologies!
I am looking for a simple kick drum beat with high hat that is used in several songs that I do (rolling in the deep, moves like jagger, etc), but can’t seem to find one. Has anyone created this and is willing to share? I have this on my loop pedal, but would really like to have it on my bb to add fills and transitions to choruses. Thanks!

There are lots of songs on the BeatBuddy with a straight 4 on the floor, find one you like and use a midi editor to remove all the other instruments - this will sound a lot more realistic than creating one from scratch. Having said that this has been requested before and I am sure some have already been posted to the forum, just search “kick drum” or “basic beat” and you should get some results.

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As a test I made this set from an search for a Guitar Pro on “Moves Like Jagger”. Got a hit so download and extracted the solo’d drum track from GP and imported it to Logic to split the song into intro and main sections. Added a few EZDrummer2 fills from a find similar pattern search based on the GP sample and remapped all to BB with Logic.

how do i take the kick sample and slow it down to do an intro for a song Steve Earl Guitar Town need the kick to be slower then the main drum beat? thanks

Hi Norbert,
your ZIP-File is fpr Mac only. Do you have it for PC too?


I had no problems with opening @Norbert’s zip file on Windows. Yes, EZDF1 and EZDF2 sound like piano (as they were exported to the wrong channel). But this is not an issue for BBManager at all.

So what is your problem again, @897? Just disregard the __MACOSX folder inside the archive.

okay i thought that it has to be a song “.sng” but that was wrong.
I made a new song and imported the midi file.


When you build the song in BBM from Midi parts you can set tempos per song, can’t currently vary temp within segments of same song.

Whoops, must have forgot to set the track to channel 10 before export, thx

Actually, you can’t change the tempo between midi files. What I do for “multi- tempo” songs is to use the main tempo of the song as a base and then I create a midi file by placing my beats spread out a little farther apart based on ear… usually takes a few extra bars to create the proper tempo, but definitely can be done. Let me know if you need something specific… I can probably help you out. If I remember correctly, I think the Kick drum in Guitar town is simply a 4/4 kick but only happens every second beat. I don’t think the actual tempo changes does it?

Steal it from a Reggae song file, or
remap snare to kick (36)

Midi editors are great