Simple question: Is Mini a good backup for Beat Buddy?

We are now hooked on Beat Buddy. What happens if it fails at a gig??? Simple answer to the simple question is buy and travel with a backup Beat Buddy but …can you use a mini with the same songs from Beat Buddy? There is no SD card but can you build a set list from its existing onboard songs? I’m already pretty sure the work around just isn’t. This is only a ‘jam in your basement’ box correct?

From what I have read, no, Mini will not back up the Big Buddy. Just doesn’t have the features.

The Mini can act as a backup in a simple fashion, if you are using a default beat that exists on both (the BB and the Mini). However, the Mini cannot be modified like the BeatBuddy can, so if you have a specific gig list set up, I suggest having the BeatBuddy as a backup. In any case, it is always recommended to have backup SD cards with your project on them just in case you lose the SD card or it gets damaged.

I have been thinking about getting a second BB just for backup. The wife says no.

The Mini is an excellent product for someone who just needs a “Drum Machine” to jam along to, but it lacks the features needed by gigging musicians (Set Lists, etc…)

We have gotten so dependent on Beat Buddy (he IS our Drummer, lol) that we cant imagine doing gigs without him.

Yes - we bought a second Beatbuddy as a “backup” and are very glad we did…