Simple rhythm


Hi, I perform with a acoustic guitar alone. I need a simple rhythm and not a full drum kit. How do I create a simple sound in a loop, which is only one Cymbal or shaker or tambourine or similar? Can someone be kind to help me? Is there something to buy, ready to load into the machine? Need help …:slight_smile:


I am quite sure there are some pretty calm and quiet beats on the content that was shipped with the BeatBuddy.
Are you sure you’ve tried all the songs there and found nothing that suits you?


Import Dans Percussion DLX drum set from the forum. It has the added percussion instruments. Then you will need edit a MIDi file to play the instruments in that drum set to get what you want. Probably could grab a simple 4/4 from World Beats to edit.


I need rhythms like these:


I do not know how I do this with Beatbyddy. Can someone pleace help me?
Is there something to buy? How can I make?


Did you get Dans DLX Percussion drum set loaded?


When you get that done I have the MIDI files for Thump Thump to fit the DLX Percussion drum set.


The MIDI files are under Other Beats on the forum. Called Dbl Simple Thump Thump Beats. Import these and the drum set above and that’s it.


Thank you Pineears I will try!!


I have now lnstaled the DLX drum kit and it is great! But then there are midi: How do I change a txt file to rar as you describe?
Thank you so far Pineears, I really appreciate your help:-)


On PC after getting the TXT file downloaded, click the file, click rename and change TXT to RAR (ignore the it might not work msg). Then right click the file and unpack it to where you want it.


Thank you, I got it:-)

I also got into your cajon rhythms, they were fine:-)


There is also a folder of simple beats under Beats on the forum.