Small but frustrating issue.

Here is what the directory in my workspace looks like. See that nice looking BB Project?[ATTACH=full]1262[/ATTACH]

Let’s open it!!

EERNT! Nope! what what?[ATTACH=full]1264[/ATTACH]

You gotta select the FILE, even though there’s only ever one bbp in a project folder.


(This one works)
Seems like it’s be nearly trivial to check to see if they selected a dir, and if they did, open the bbp inside it, instead of that nasty error. Having that cute icon tricked me into thinking the dir was the thing, as it is on other things “Mac”. At first it wasn’t obvious to me what a “.bbp” was, hence the confusion.


Can you please share me your project where you are getting this error?

BBManager must work as you say - click a folder, BBManager opens EverythingFromPedal.bbp automatically. But (as always) shit happens, and I am here to fix this ASAP.

Thanks for reporting, @aashideacon. Awesome job btw, please keep it up! We need more people like you on the forum :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s the file, cause it works the same way with every project dir. No directory will open–only bbp files. Uploaded it anyway though.