Sobriety Bug?

Firmware 1.Ballad Mini 2. Ballad 3
I decided to try the Sobriety Feature and set it to “1 beer”. When transitioning to the second part of the beat I hold the BB pedal as usual, but it gets stuck in the transition sequence instead of moving on to the second part. I can “fix” this by tapping the button again. Has anyone else seen this? Is there a fix?


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Have you considered trying version 4.1.3 of the firmware? It might resolve this issue. Give it a shot and let us know, please.

Good suggestion! Since I only bought this BB a couple of months ago, I assumed it had the latest firmware installed.

Followed your suggestion and installed 4.0.1 - no joy. The problem may be related to holding the transition too long BTW.

Then I re-read your reply and noticed you referenced version 4.1.3. Unfortunately, I cannot find that version on the Singular Sound website.

Hang on, found the Beta version. Trying it now…

Nope, the bug is still there in version 4.1.3.

When it is in the stuck mode, it keeps playing the transition whether if is from part 1 to 2 or vice versa. The BB does not respond to double or triple clicks. Only a single (Fill) click will work, and even then it is not certain.

This may be a red herring but I have a MIDI (mi.1) adapter installed. The problem seems to happen when it is installed at power on and the MIDI Bluetooth connection is made to my iPad. I tried turning off Bluetooth on the iPad, and the problem went away. Upon re-enabling Bluetooth and the connection to the mi.1 the I cannot cause the problem…

Glad you figured it out and shared your solution.

The be clear, there is still a problem.