Software will not recognize Beat Buddy


The Beat Buddy Software does not recognize my pedal or the card when I insert it in the card reader. The pedal itself works fine and I have plugged it into my Line 6 UX2 and it records in Mixcraft. I just can’t do anything with the software.


We can only help and advise if we know the full details of the issue.

  1. What OS are you using,
  2. Do you get any error messages?

My 1st tutorial goes through the install process, if your OS is XP you will need to use workaround described here.



If everything works fine, and only auto-detection of the pedal doesn’t work, simply manually choose the SD card drive that is added to your computer when you plug your pedal.


I am having the same issue.
no matter what i try.
THIS is why i do not care for software…
can ANYONE help?
Very frustrating


Hi Hotroadrunner.

Are you importing the SD card content (“import project from pedal” option) through the Import-Export menu drop down menu? That is a necessary first step, as the software doesn’t automatically detect and open the contents of the SD card. If you are completing this first step fully (as detailed on, what is the error message you receive?

Also, what is your operating system?