Solo/busking looping pedalboard

Just added the beatbuddy a few weeks ago, what a game changer!
I sadly won’t have a midi looper for some time, so I’m building the repertoire BB > Ditto.
I’ll be limited to a single pass through drum parts, but for longer AABA type songs, will still offer enough diversity to make the BB worthwhile. The sound quality is enough, but decent functionality without midi.
I’m getting some creative ideas about quick stop/restart to extend the first section for example.
I built sweet switching systems, allowing the addition of a separate synthFX board, and channel switching the guitar (or bass/octave) signal to a bass or guitar amp. The BB goes through both channels at once, and it sounds GREAT through a bass amp and guitar amp simultaneously. Bass amp does excellent at kick and toms, while the guitar amp gets snare and highs. Using either alone leaves out too many frequencies.

What are you using to get bass sound from gtr?

EBS octabass give me a nice round bass sound, flatwounds tone-ish.
Bit commander can do voicing for stevie wonder basslines