SOLUTION: "NO SD CARD" (error message)


The error message “NO SD CARD” is a rare occurrence in which the firmware has not been installed as it should on the unit. This is an issue that can be resolved in just 30-40 minutes, if you follow these instructions step-by-step.


  1. Delete all files from your SD card so that there is nothing on it (or alternatively, you may obtain a new SD card). After deleting all the files, you shouldn’t even see one file on there. Nothing, Nada. Zilch. Completely white screen.

  2. Download the ‘SD Card Backup’ file from Download updated SD Card backup

  3. Unzip all the content, and put the extracted files onto the clean SD card. In the SD card you should now see 5 folders - DRUMSETS, EFFECTS, PARAMS, SONGS and MIDI loops - content 1.2. (If you do not have an unzipping program, you may download a free one here:

  4. Download the LATEST firmware from

  5. Extract it onto an SD card together with the content. In the root of SD card you should now see 5 new files.

  6. Insert the SD card into the BeatBuddy, and then connect the power supply to the unit so that it turns on. [IMPORTANT: While your BeatBuddy is updating its firmware, do NOT unplug the power supply from the unit.]

  7. The firmware will update the pedal, and once it is finished, your BeatBuddy should be fully functional.

Please make sure you have both firmware AND the unzipped ‘SD Card Backup’ content unpacked on the SD card! (if you followed all the above steps, then you have)

This should solve the issue. If it doesn’t, please email for further assistance.

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