Some intros are "incorrect length"

Ok I am about 90% sure that I am not just being crazy. It seems like some of the intros to the even time signature beats are not the “correct length” What I mean is with some songs, using the BB as a midi master, the BB starts the midi slave at the first sound it plays however a four beat pattern might have like a 5 beat intro which makes your slave device one beat out of synch. Does this make sense? This was making me feel crazy because it seemed to be happening randomly and unexpectedly but after trawling the forums and thinking about this I think it is probably the case. I even made an observation about it on your facebook wall. Seems like if trimming the intros to the right length or some other method to mark the one would fix this?

Also Yay David! Yay Beat Buddy team!

The BB forums seem like a pretty toxic place and I am awed at what you have accomplished and want to temper any kvetching with an internet high five!!! :smiley:

You are not being crazy.

Here is the complete listing of songs that are affected:
Beatbox Song 1
Beatbox Song 7
Blues Song 9
Brazilian Song 4
Brushes Song 2
Brushes Song 3
Country Song 7
Drum & Bass Song 2
Drum & Bass Song 8
Funk Song 4
Funk Song 5
Funk Song 10
Hip Hop Song 5
Hip Hop Song 7
Hip Hop Song 8
Hip Hop Song 9
Jazz Song 1
Jazz Song 2
Jazz Song 11
Latin Song 7
Marching Song 4
Marching Song 9
Odd Time Song 10
Pop Song 1
Pop Song 6
Pop Song 7 (while overall unaffected, it contains 3/4 intro in 4/4 rhythm)
Pop Song 11
Punk Song 3
R&B Song 6
Rock Song 1
Rock Song 13
Reggae Song 1 (affected, seems to contain close to 7/8 intro in 4/4 rhythm)
Reggae Song 4 (affected, seems to contain close to 7/8 intro in 4/4 rhythm)
Reggae Song 5
Reggae Song 7

Here is the link to the content download, that I’ve fixed -

This content is bug free and tested for MIDI synchronization. As a side effect, some intros for songs in the above list may get quantized in the process.

Wow you have been busy! That will explain why on some intros I was always one bar out when coming in, thought it was just me. Is this going to be “fixed” or is it by design in which case should the this not be in the “bugs” section.

I saw this last night but decided to comment on it this morning but struggled finding it. Could we also change the amount of recent posts listed on the forum; eight I don’t think is enough, well it isn’t for me and I can’t find a way of changing it.

There are also a number of 16 bar loops that have a bar silent at the end, but I don’t currently have the info to hand, but will post that in the “bugs” section later.

Psalm40, I believe You are totally spot on with some loops are very long and have an incorrect ending. I am almost sure I’ve encountered such things earlier in beta testing the content, but I just have not enough time right now to be able to parse through all the content once again (as what you have now is a MUCH better overall version than was available earlier!!). Please report any little discrepancies so we can make BeatBuddy even better!

I’ll move this to Bug Reports, indeed.

And by the way, I myself have really strong problems finding anything here. I mostly rely on But when the post slide from there, it becomes complicated :slight_smile: I have mixed results with using the Search feature here. But I hope this will get better over time!

Big Thanks Daefecator for your job.

Yes, some of the intro’s are not a full bar because that’s how many drummers play an intro fill. This does mess up the MIDI sync timing, which is why in the next firmware update we will have the option to have the ‘start’ command get sent when the main beat starts rather than the intro.

Thanks for your comments Daefecator and David,

First of all, I would like to say a lot of thanks to David for creating such a cool musical instrument that I have been dreaming of for a long time. The BeatBuddy is exactly what I wanted. I am lucky that I found it in indiegogo web site !

The BeatBuddy’s Big fan in Japan

Thanks for the info. I have been correcting these as I go through Beat Builder. I noticed the timing off on quite a few intros especially the ones that cause a “Double Bass Beat” at the beginning of the “Beat Fill”. Easily fixed but there have been quite a few I’ve found this way. Thanks for posting and I will get the download. I also noticed quite a few “Fills” with the Rolling Technique slightly off right at the end before coming back into the “Beat”. These I have slowed down the BPM to about half, made the correction and readjusted the BPM back to normal. I also create a lot of my own fills this way. I really like the Beat Builder. It is very handy for “Building” your own songs.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

I noticed something using the “Beat Builder”. When you make correction to “Fills”, change the beats or correct the timing, you have to save it as a different name such as add an “A” or “B” after the number. If you try to save it as the original, it sometimes causes a “Blank Spot” when you trigger the fill or it locks up the “Beat” which causes it to constantly repeat itself and will not trigger to anything else. Just thought I would let you know. I have had to delete the entire song and then load it back in to correct it.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Toxic ?
I’ve only noticed interactive & helpul advice on the forums …
usually resolving most issues as they occur .
thanks to all the forum helpers. :wink:

Something I’ve noticed, which may be related, if my intro fill didn’t have a note on the first beat, sometimes the BeatBuddy pedal got a little confused and would kinda stumble into the song. To fix it I put a “ghost” note on the first beat of the intro fill, with the lowest velocity, and all is well.

Thanks Mr. Spencer! I have also had to do this same thing at the end of a fill to correct a double bass beat when it comes back to the “Beat”. By the way, thanks for creating the Beat Builder. It has been well worth it to have something to edit what we use. Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.