Song advance not working on footswitch

Footswitch sometimes will not advance song to the next in the set list

That’s most likely a flaky TRS cable. Try replacing that, and it should be fine.


I’ll try a new cable. I also wonder if I scrolling quickly through the set list in search of a song can be too much for the software/hardware. Is that possible?



I’ve wondered the same, but it’s never really been an issue – nothing’s ever not worked as expected. But I also have gotten into the habit of (usually) bending down to make large navigation moves.

Thanks Joe,

That might be the answer.

If it’s not, come on back. I’m sure Support will be starting their day soon and will chime in if necessary.


Maybe check if your foot switch settings have changed from enable to disable. I noticed BB goes back to default foot switch if I change SD cards :slight_smile:

Yep, every time you Export rather than Synch, the footpedal settings get reset to factory. Or, at least, some of them do. Not sure why. But once you Export and reset stuff on the pedals, you can synch from BBM and your customized functions will be retained. And you can synch the same project to multiple cards (I maintain three at all times: In the pedal; in my bag in case the the one in the pedal goes south; and one in a backup Beat Buddy in case my main one goes south).